Auld Lang Syne - sing it with me folks! - as we kick off the first show of the New Year with a myriad of discussion that includes: Religion, the repeal of, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", the passage of the 9/11 Health Bill (and partisan politics), what I got for Christmas, the new SB Android app, job hunting tips and much more during this 2 hour segment.

On a personal note, I offer my sincere appreciation to the thousands of listeners who helped to make 2010 a great year for Stimulated Boredom...and as the show enters its 6th year, I am looking forward to an even better 2011! 

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This week we have a GREAT program for you! I am joined by Patrick as we talk about everything from arsenic-based aliens, the Wikileaks "scandal", Net Neutrality and a whole host of other subjects discussed between two good friends having an entertaining (and informative) conversation for all to hear.

I hope that you enjoy this over 2 hour segment as much as we enjoyed recording it, it's chock full of all kinds of boredom stimulating goodness. :) 

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Recently there has been a lot of discussion of the new TSA body scanners & pat-down security checks at airports and whether they are a violation of privacy. I recently encountered these new measures on a trip to Chicago.

I discuss the reactionary nature of our airport security and how we always seem to be behind the curve. Additionally I discuss a few measures that I feel would be more effective than continually adjusting our security based upon PAST threats and trying to anticipate FUTURE threats. 

The show is rounded out with some general current events & political discussion as well. 

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Sorry folks, a little discombobulated this week as I attempted to record the show while medicated and recovering from recent travel and being sick.

However, like a doped up soldier, I still managed to trudge through a couple of hours discussing my time at, "The Rally to Restore Sanity" and the results of the Midterm Election for your entertainment. This week I am joined by a fuzzy brain, unicorns and a pink llama...but that might be the meds talking.

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Prompted by current events (aka: the Delaware debates), this segment delves into the Separation of Church & State clause within the 1st Amendment...and Christine O'Donnell's lack of knowledge about either.

I also discuss NPR's firing of Juan Williams for his recent comments and whether it was a 1st Amendment issue (as claimed) or the right thing for NPR to do. Plus the teaching of Creationism Vs Evolution in public schools and more! 

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Prompted by a recent slew of Facebook status's on the subject of the Pledge of Allegiance, I discuss the actual history of its origin and whether it is as romantic or as patriotic as people think it is.

Also, is it necessary to recite it anymore and should it be mandatory? Naturally this transitions into additional tangents of discussion and subject matter! 

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Responding to your emails, comments and questions from around the World. 

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The Treaty of Versailles saddled Germany with sole responsibility for WWI and 31.4 Billion ($400 billion today) in reparations due to the allied countries. It was a national humiliation & considered a leading cause for Germany's hyperinflation pre-WWII and a main platform for Hitler's rise to power. 

This weekend, Germany will make its final reparation payment...92 years later. I discuss the treaty, its ramifications and the aftermath which helped lead to the conditions for WWII. 


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I'm heading back to Washington for Jon Stewart's, "Rally to Restore Sanity". In this segment I discuss why such a rally is needed, what I hope it accomplishes and whether or not we will eventually all be able to act like we are from the same f$@king planet again.

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Off to a slow start, but this 2-hr segment ramps up as I discuss deceptive news reporting, controlling perception heading into the mid-term elections, the rise of Tea-bagger candidates and what it will mean in the general, the dangers of a misinformed populace, partisan news organizations and the increasing lack of rational, reasonable and intelligent discourse in this country.  

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