Discussion of the passage of the National Healthcare Reform Bill. I take some time to discuss it's significance, including a breakdown of the top (and most important) things that you should know about the bill; in addition to the top myths, fallacies and inaccuracies spread by both parties.


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Discussion about the environment surrounding politics today and how encouragement of the Tea Party "movement" is dangerous, despite the short-term political advantage of manipulating an energetic (albeit angry) mob. Is it possible for the GOP to incite this crowd, yet avoid accountability for resulting violence and/or behavior? www.stimulatedboredom.com

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Discussion of 'Performance Based Pay' for teachers: Should teachers whose students perform better, be paid more? Is standardized testing the best way to evaluate performance / success? Will this create competition among teachers, as opposed to collaboration? An in-depth discussion of the contentious debate surrounding this issue.


Segment 1 - from the Mar 22 - 29, 2010 show. www.stimulatedboredom.com

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For fans of, "The Pacific" on HBO (and history in general), we return to one of my favorite topics, WWII! In this segment, I go into historical detail about the battle for Guadalcanal and provide some background information and context as it relates to the show and WWII history in general.

From the Mar 22 - 29, 2010 show. www.stimulatedboredom.com


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Apple files a lawsuit against HTC over supposed iPhone patent infringement; but is this really just a shot at Google and the ground that Android is gaining in the smartphone market? Is Apple simply afraid of a little competition?

In this segment I discuss some of the claims and whether they are legitimate or bogus. Also, some commentary on competition in the marketplace and how it benefits consumers and emerging technology.


From the Mar 8 -15, 2010 show. www.stimulatedboredom.com

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Discussion of the recent Healthcare Reform Conference. In this segment I dissect some of the claims made by both sides and whether anything was accomplished.

A detailed and specific breakdown of some of the major points of contention relating to Healthcare Reform. Additionally, some commentary relating to the current economy.


From the Mar 8 - 15, 2010 show. www.stimulatedboredom.com

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