A recap of the details surrounding the sacking of General McChrystal, leads to a discussion of U.S. history behind civilian control of the military. The discussion begins before George Washington was our first Commander-in-Chief - when he voluntarily returned his power to the Congress - and leads all the way up to today. Includes the relationship between the military and civilian leaders through most of our history as a nation and the reasons behind the separation. www.stimulatedboredom.com  


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Listener voicemail. The iPhone 4. Geek Tech. Updates on the BP oil spill. This segment contains an assortment of topics and current news. www.stimulatedboredom.com

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In an era of 24 hours news and on-demand access to information, how will this new age of immediacy affect us long term as a society? Is 24 hour news a good thing? Does it make us more or less informed? This discussion delves into the dissemination of information today and trying to weed through fact, opinion, journalism and accuracy. Stimulatedboredom.com

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The BP oil spill in the Gulf has dominated the news, however what about the larger systemic problem we face when it comes to our dependence on oil? I discuss some issues I had with the President’s address on the subject, in addition to other root causes that will need to be confronted long before any major transitions to alternatives can be made. This segment is not so much about the incident in the Gulf, but rather what it highlights. Stimulatedboredom.com

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Stimulated Boredom is on vacation for the next 2 weeks! An update on the content that will be available in my absence. Please visit www.stimulatedboredom.com for more details.

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