I am joined by Vanessa G of Girls-Gone-Geek.com, as we discuss all things Comic-Con and take an entertaining & insightful romp through geek culture, comic books, recommendations, artists, superheroes, being a fangirl in a male dominated community and why wearing tights is an essential crime fitting tool.


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The Comic-Con and geek culture conversation continues into the second segment of the show; including additional series recommendations for those looking to enter the world of comics, breaking into the industry, character descriptions and more!


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This week, Dana welcomes a guest to the program. Paul stops in to discuss a wide array of topics: Shirley Sherrod, the media coverage of the story, the White House reaction, race relations in this country, the current state of politics and a whole lot more. www.stimulatedboredom.com

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The good conversation continues in the second segment: The role of Government, Health Care, partisan tactics, The Tea Party and it's impact, the Supreme Court, Separation of Powers and even a little college football. This week's show is difficult to describe, as the discussion easily transitioned from one topic to the next! www.stimulatedboredom.com

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We revisit and expand the 'NewsRadio' segment to include the influence and impact of political blogs, podcasts, citizen reporters and other user generated content and how it plays into where people get their information. Are they a viable news source? Also, discussion of regulation and why it shouldn't always be considered a 'bad word' synonymous  with Big Government. www.stimulatedboredom.com

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A continuation / wrap up of the first segment, gives way to a host of general interest discussion including what ever happened to good TV shows and other current news. www.stimulatedboredom.com

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An update relating to the show for the week of July 5 - 12, 2010. Please visit "This Week On SB" on stimulatedboredom.com for additional details relating to content being played in my absence.

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