This week I am joined by guest host, Patrick. In the main segment of the show, we discuss the current situation in Egypt.

As protests erupt over the authoritarian rule of President Mubarak, we cover the reasons for the uprising, U.S. response and provide some historical context relating to Egypt's place in the region as our ally and how the protests began. We also attempt to tackle the issue of Democracy as a principle versus practice, in addition to the U.S. governments history of propping up rulers in different parts of the world that are in our best interest.

This is a complicated issue and we try our best to bring light, education and thoughtful discussion for the benefit of the listeners around the world. As Stimulated Boredom also has listeners in Egypt, we hope we were effective and accurate in our coverage of the situation.   

This segment also brings a personal connection, as Patrick is of Egyptian decent and still has family in the country that he has been unable to contact. 

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Time to change gears a little! In the second segment, we offer our impressions and review of the eagerly anticipated DC Universe Online. This discussion covers the gambit as it relates to MMORPG's; from the perspective of a 'noob' (Dana) to a more seasoned veteran of the genre (Patrick). Was the game worth the 8 year wait? Was SOE able to pull off the thrill of fighting alongside the likes of Superman, Batman, Lex Luthor & The Joker? What the hell is an MMO, anyway? 

Additional discussions include our thoughts on the State of the Union, some of the Oscars nominations and more.

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Prompted by a listener request, I offer my predictions and analysis of what the 2012 presidential election landscape may look like. Can Obama win a second term? Will the GOP's allegiance with the Tea Party come back to bite them in the ass? What issues will take center stage? Just a little armchair political analysis to consider. ;)

I also discuss the "fallout" from the Ricky Gervais' hosting appearance at the Golden Globes and whether it is possible for comedy to go, "too far." Fans of the show should already know where I am going to come down on this topic!

And lastly, I discuss a recent experience I had dealing with a major electronics manufacturer and how social media can be an effective tool in consumer protection, not too mention a viable way for companies to interact directly with their customer base and encourage brand loyalty. 

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This week's main segment focuses on the tragic shooting in Arizona that left 6 dead and over a dozen injured, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Is it dangerous (and irresponsible) to engage in the rhetoric of violence when referring to those you disagree with politically? Are terms like, "2nd Amendment remedies", "armed and dangerous", "revolution", "reload" and "take up arms" intended to incite / promote fear and distrust in Government to a particular demographic for political gains?

Although the events in Arizona do not appear to be politically motivated, should the sheer coincidence of who the intended victim was and the fact the she was in Sarah Palin's political crosshairs be a wake-up call to tone down the rhetoric before it's too late? 

This segment centers wholly around the events and controversies of the past week, including a discussion of a political environment in which it could be perceived that violence against a member of Congress is condoned, whether it is intended to be 'tongue in cheek' or not. What responsibility should politicians and public figures bear for their own words and the potential unintended consequences? 

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A discussion of other recent news stories: We say goodbye to Dick Winters, of 'Band of Brothers', WWII and Easy Company / 101st Airborne fame; including commentary on 'The Greatest Generation' and how subsequent generations match up. The misguided editing of the Mark Twain literary classic, "Huckleberry Finn" and more. 

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