This week we have a LOT to cover, as ‘Stimulated Boredom’ is joined again by perennial listener favorite, Patrick!

Some big news to kick off the show, as we discuss the recent release of President Obama’s long-form birth certificate and whether this will finally appease and silence the ridiculous “birther” movement.

Should Obama have released it? What effect might this have on the political discourse, emerging 2012 GOP candidates and the election landscape?

And of course, no “birther” discussion would be complete without mentioning Donald Trump and his monumental ego. We spend a considerable amount of time dissecting Trump’s motives, whether he will run, recent statements (including his Tourette’s afflicted speech in Vegas…which was very “Presidential”), whether he will release his tax records as promised, his new line of attacks on the President, his uncanny ability to pull bullshit out of his ass and the people who support him.

Next, we move on to Paul Ryan’s budget and the flack GOP candidates who support it are receiving in town hall meetings at home.

Does it gut Medicare? How might support for Ryan’s budget backfire? Is giving grandma a $15k healthcare “coupon” an effective measure? Will it actually reduce the deficit? How is the tone different than the town halls meetings during the Healthcare Reform debate?

Lastly, we completely change gears and talk about the recent PSN security breach and shutdown of Sony’s servers due to hackers…which affects over 77 million users / gamers around the world. Is your information safe? What happened? What backlash is Sony experiencing? When will the PSN be back up? What precautions can you take when it does?  

The show also includes a large assortment of additional topics and discussions that you’ll just have to tune in to catch!

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Last week I provided you guys with the first ever episode of a new hosted music magazine podcast that I helped my friend Jon create entitled, “Listen Hear…Thank Me Later.”

As I mentioned previously, I am producing the initial episodes of Jon’s program, along with temporarily guest hosting, and wanted to send out a BIG THANK YOU to all of the ‘Stimulated Boredom’ listeners who were so welcoming of the segment!

Therefore, this week I bring you the SECOND episode of Jon’s show, as I would like to help him gain some additional exposure…and what better way than with my own amazing listeners from over 100 countries. :)

If you dig Jon’s program, I encourage you to continue to check it out on his channel, as he will begin producing and hosting it on his own over the coming weeks.

I am sure you will hear me guest hosting again in the future and I will be sure to keep you informed of those episodes. I will also keep these first 2 shows available on-demand in the archive, but beyond this week you will want to tune into his channel in order to catch any new episodes going forward.

Thanks again for being so supportive of Jon’s program and I hope that you enjoy this second show (and the awesome music) that we recorded earlier this week!

PS - This week Jon features 3 artists that begin with the letter "F"...hence the title. :) 

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Returned and refreshed from my travels, I focus this week’s discussion on some of the major news of the past 2 weeks, primarily the budget battle that almost led to a government shutdown and was averted (literally) in the final hours.

How similar / different was this battle from the shutdown that occurred in 1995? I also focus on the gross mischaracterization (as framed by the GOP) of Planned Parenthood and the preventative health services that they provide, and my issue with trying to force ideological issues (on either side of the isle) by way of dangling the federal budget as a carrot.

The discussion turns to tax cuts, spending, the economy, our national debt and the current budget deficit.

Next, I give my assessment of the likely field of potential GOP candidates and some of the obstacles that I can foresee. With Gingrich, Palin, Trump, Santorum, Bachmann etc all completely sucking the air out of the room (and news cycle) for the more serious candidates, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for those who actually have a chance, to gain any traction amidst the noise. 

No serious GOP candidate (Romney, Huntsman) can embrace the Tea Party or the “birther” movement. Therefore, for the ones that do, they accomplish nothing more than splitting the primary votes / support and weakening the GOP’s chances of selecting a competitive candidate in 2012. Is the fact that there is no truly interesting and exciting candidate the reason that the likes of Donald Trump is able to garner attention…and is he really running or just using this as a self-aggrandizing marketing stunt for his TV show?  

Side Note: I intended to record a second segment this week, but realized I had essentially covered most of what I wanted to discuss and would have just babbled on for another hour…and nobody wants that. ;)

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Fresh off his recent trip to SXSW, we are joined by guest host Patrick, as we wax poetic on all things geek (woot!).

This segment revolves around some of the newest trends and innovations in interactive design, social media, gaming and technology.

Patrick also recounts his meeting with Felicia Day (“The Guild”), the power of taking fancy notes and what the future holds for how we interact with companies, websites and entertainment.

We also discuss some of the announcements from CTIA and the newest smart phones on the horizon, as well as the advantages (and disadvantages) of using geo-tagging services such as Foursquare and Gowalla.

Geeks Unite! This segment is for you.

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In the second segment of this week's show we turn our attention to the week in news.  

Libya: Is the U.S. engaging in third conflict in the Middle East? Did Obama require Congressional approval before launching Cruise missiles into the country? What is the "mission", end-game and role of the U.S. and NATO allies in enforcing the no-fly zone? Is it possible to support the fall of Gaddafi, yet not have to commit long-term to the potential aftermath of a country without leadership and/or prolonged nation-building to fill any vacuum left by Gaddafi’s overthrow? We attempt to bring light to the events in Libya and what we view as the major issues facing U.S. involvement.

Obama’s Birth Certificate: Can we finally put this ridiculous narrative to bed? In this portion of the segment, we discuss the overwhelming evidence of Obama’s citizenship and birth in Hawaii, and why those who perpetuate this story are grasping at pathetic straws due to the lack of any other substantive or real argument about the man and his policies. We also address the issue of the GOP’s obsession with Obama’s father and his supposed “influence” on the President’s world-view.

Politics: We round out the segment with some 2012 Presidential election discussion and what we see as the issues facing the incumbent President, in addition to the issues facing the GOP and their split allegiances between the traditional conservative voters and the nonsensical rhetoric of the Tea Party. Can the GOP win by hugging the fence between “birthers” and the more moderate conservative and independent voters? Is it possible to be considered a serious candidate, while embracing the rhetoric of the far-right / Tea Party? 

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