Week of: June 20 - June 27, 2011

Don't worry, you didn't accidentally stumble into the Anti-PETA | NAMBLA Podcast, as always the title of the show will make sense once you listen to the segment. 

This week I primarily cover the Republican Debate in New Hampshire, of which was the first debate in which presumptive front-runner - Mitt Romney - attended. 

Who came out ahead? Who hurt / helped themselves? What exchanges, questions and responses stood out? Who has the best chance of being (realistically) competitive against President Obama in the 2012 Election? Was it simply an Obama-Bash-Fest or did any of the candidates actually have detailed and substantive ideas / solutions? Has anyone presented themselves as a viable alternative to Romney...and what about the attempted recruitment of Perry, Christie or Ryan and how does this discontentment with the current field affect the GOP's chances? 

I provide my opinion (as always) on all of these questions and more, as I continue to dissect the Republican field of candidates and what I foresee in the coming year's primaries. This discussion is an extension of last week's program ("Have You Seen My Wiener?"), now that the candidates have had an opportunity to "debate" their differences.

As a reminder, I will be off during next week's show (for June 27 - July 4), as I will be out of town in Dallas.

As always, enjoy the show!  


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Week of: June 13 - June 20, 2011

Are you surprised? Of course not, that is why the first topic of discussion this week revolves around "Wiener-Gate." As more women come forward with inappropriate images of Rep. Weiner's...ahem, wiener...in addition to racy emails & messages, I spend a little time not necessarily covering the events of the past two weeks, but more about my reasons for why he should step down. This includes my criticism of liberal blogs and pundits who use examples of Republican scandals as some form of justification for absolving Rep. Weiner of wrongdoing and - therefore - why he should stay.

While we're at it, let's throw in some Republican political hypocrisy as it relates to their contradictory reaction to Rep. Weiner's actions in juxtaposition to their reaction to GOP sex scandals. I'm nothing, if not an equal opportunity offender. :)

The conversation transitions into my own personal politics, as I think it is very helpful in providing important context to the political opinions you hear on the show each week.

The remainder of the show includes some in-depth analysis (and personal opinion) of the 2012 election and the pros and cons of the current Republican field of candidates...one of the weakest I have seen in a long time, however there are a couple candidates that I feel can be competitive and I explain why. 


Included: Why are Romney and Huntsman skipping the Iowa primary and what is the strategy? What does this mean for the more socially conservative candidates hoping a win in Iowa will catapult them into front-runner status in New Hampshire? Newt Gingrich's campaign manager and senior staff quit...why and what does that mean for his campaign? Who really has a shot? What about candidates being recruited to run, like Perry, Christie and Paul...how does that diminish the GOP's chances? And a lot more that you will not want to miss as we get closer to election season.

Lastly, what can I say about Sarah Palin? Listening to her discuss American history, reminds me of when Thomas Jefferson fought for Civil Rights during WWII, before FDR landed on the moon, in order to prevent Attila the Hun from taking away our guns. You didn't really think I would let her comments and historical (mis)understanding about what the Statue of Liberty represents and Paul Revere's bell-clanging-rootin'-tootin'-shootin' ride to warn the British slip by without notice, did 'ya?

This segment is not to be missed! 


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You know those epic conversations that you have with a friend over a few glasses of <insert libation of choice here>, wherein you exchange ideas, opinions and personal stories about a particular subject? This week I invite you to be a fly on the wall during one of those chats, as the show is joined by guest host & listener favorite, Vanessa G of Girls-Gone-Geek.com. As is the case with all of Vanessa's appearances, the discussion is an entertaining and interesting blend of silly, sarcastic, serious and thought-provoking. :)

The topic of conversation was on the issue of consumerism and its effect on society, the environment and personal identity...a subject (remarkably) I had never really covered in over 6 years of doing the program and one that encompasses a HUGE scope of interesting issues to consider. 

The purpose of the conversation was not to come to any kind of solution or resolution - nor is it meant as a repudiation of capitalism or a consumer based society - but rather an attempt to bring awareness to how much we consume and how often people define themselves (and the perception that others have of us), by what we buy, drive, desire to own or even eat. 

The conversation transitions between such issues as marketing to children, planned & perceived obsolescence, consumer confidence (and its effect on the economy), supply & demand, "buying" a lifestyle and environmental impact. 

I know it sounds "heavy-handed", but the discussion is as accessible (and I would imagine, identical) to the same conversation you might have with friends or family. We had a blast diving into this topic and I think you will come away with a ton of opinions and information to consider for yourselves, as well as being entertained along the way. 

Finally, we round out the show on a lighter (and geekier) note with Vanessa's area of expertise and passion - comic books! For those in the "know", DC Comics announced some pretty big news that is intended to attract a whole new audience to its stable of superheroes and characters, while at the same time continue to be true to its lifelong collectors and fans. We discuss the announcement and what it will mean to the industry, along with new and old fans alike.  



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For the second segment of this week's show I will be playing my friend Jon's music podcast, "Listen Hear...Thank Me Later", in which he was gracious enough (aka: I blackmailed him) to invite on as a guest.

As is the format of Jon's show, each week he introduces 3 bands / 3 songs per artist that he thinks people should be listening to. This week he covered a couple of my own personal favorites, so asked me to join in to share in creating the magic. ;)

This week's artists: Mansions, Two Door Cinema Club and Silversun Pickups. 

Also, be sure to stick around at the end of the show for, "On Second Thought", an assortment of other "honorable mention" tracks from this week's featured artists. 

You can also find Listen Hear on Twitter (@listenhr) or email jonathan@listenhearmusic.com


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