Week of: Nov 21 – Nov 28, 2011

Had a lot to talk about this week; so much so that I needed to break it up into 2 segments!

In this week’s (over 2 hour) main segment, I delve into the many gaffes and the constantly rotating Poll-Merry-Go-Round that is the GOP field of Presidential candidates. To help illustrate my point, I incorporated some audio montages of a few personal favorites, while detailing my belief as to why the majority of them could never be considered serious candidates in a General election…but perhaps just fun to “flirt” with in the primaries, before voters grow up and pick someone who actually has a reasonable chance of winning.

I fully admit that I have a little fun at the expense of the likes of Cain, Perry, Gingrich, Romney and the (irrelevant) others…but they make is so damn easy considering their history of comments, contradictions, flubs and flip flops.

I also discuss how I see the most qualified candidate – Jon Huntsman – getting the nomination. It is unlikely, but I do see a path.

Lastly, I share my opinions of the Penn State scandal, including audio from Jerry Sandusky’s (strange & creepy) interview with Bob Costas.

As always, enjoy the show!

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Week of: Nov 21 – Nov 28, 2011

Many of you may have already read my comprehensive breakdown and first impressions of the Kindle Fire when it was first announced back in September. Well, the day has finally arrived and I now have the shiny new device in my hands!

I’ve spent the last week with the Kindle Fire – primarily enjoying my new toy – but also prepping for a video review that I plan to do on the device in the next week or so for the benefit of the listeners. As a result, I have become quite familiar with the Fire and thought I would share many of my thoughts, initial impressions and helpful tips that I have discovered along the way.

Is it an “iPad killer?” Does it perform as advertised? What are its advantages and limitations? Is it a tablet or an e-reader on steroids? How do I work this damn thing?! All of these questions and more are answered in this 1.5 hour segment!

I tried to cover a little of everything, for the benefit of those who already have the Fire and for those who are contemplating whether or not to purchase it. As I mentioned previously, I will be doing a video review soon, as I assume that many of you would rather see it in action (versus hear me talk about it). Hopefully this segment will help to abate your curiosity – for the time being – in addition to answer many of the questions that you might have.

If I left anything out or if you have any additional questions, always feel free to contact me at: dana@stimulatedboredom.com

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Week of: Nov 7 – Nov 14, 2011

I’ve been away for the last couple of weeks, so I decided to just jump right in!

This week’s discussion includes reports of GOP front-runner, Herman Cain, wanting to deliver his “meatlover’s pizza” to a couple of former female employees and Cain’s astounding inability to get his story straight relating to multiple sexual harassment claims filed against him in the late 90′s. Although the Cain Campaign was given ample notice (10 days) of the impending breaking story, they still managed to issue contradictory and confusing statements on the matter, further worsening the issue and keeping the story alive for far longer than they would have liked.

Was Cain’s candidacy ever intended to be serious or was it always simply just a ploy to raise his national profile…and with it, increased speaking fees and sales of his book? Did his recent front-runner status come as much of a surprise to his campaign as it appears to be to every one else? Does he have a viable chance to win the GOP nomination…and if so, eventually the Presidency?

Next, I discuss and play Rick Perry’s odd speech in New Hampshire. For a campaign that has already crash-and-burned in record time, how does this recent episode affect his chances? Will it be considered Perry’s “Dean scream” moment?

I also ponder the question of how Mitt Romney will fare in the end, considering the repeated Republican desire and call for an alternative to him…illustrated by the multiple “anybody but Romney” GOP candidates who have risen and crashed in the polls. How do Republicans expect the rest of the country to get excited by him, when his own party isn’t?

The rest of the show revolves around the remainder of the GOP field, my predictions for the primaries, the only Republican candidate I would consider voting for (and how I see him getting the nomination) and the state of 2012 election politics.

As always, enjoy the show!

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