mitt romney binders full of women This Week on Stimulated Boredom

Week of: October 22 – October 29, 2012

Synopsis: A different President Obama showed up to the 2nd debate and Mitt Romney gives birth to another meme. Patrick joins me as we discuss confusing polls, the best moments of the debate and other politicking.

At the 2nd Presidential debate, a significantly more assertive (and awake) president Obama showed up and appeared to keep Mitt Romney on his heels for the duration of the evening…leading to some memorable moments and an opponent who was consistently kept on defense and who repeatedly needed to cede his time (that was supposed to be spent answering audience questions) responding to an Obama that was clearly on offense.

I am joined by Patrick, as we dissect the debate and some of the more interesting exchanges. We also break down some confusing and inconsistent polling on a micro level, in order to shed some light on why some of the battleground states have consistently remained in the President’s column and why Romney has not be able to break through in some of them.

This week we put on our politico hats and give an honest assessment of this year’s election, why polls may be irrelevant (regardless of who they favor), how women may determine the outcome and how the elections in this country have changed…mostly for the worse.

lot of interesting topics are covered in this nearly 3-hour conversation and we think you will walk away with more than a few new things to consider.

Enjoy the show!

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biden malarkey bs This Week on Stimulated Boredom

Week of: October 15 – October 22, 2012

Coming on the heels of a strong and unexpected Romney performance in last week’s first debate against the President, additional pressure was on Vice President Joe Biden to deliver a performance that will either slow down or completely stop Romney’s recent momentum. Did he succeed?

Before the VP debate, I posted an article in which I discussed the Top 10 things that people should expect from the first and only sparring between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. In this week’s show, I break down many of those points and which ones were fulfilled, in addition to the effect that it may have heading into the 2nd Presidential debate next Tuesday in New York.

In front of an estimated audience of over 51 million people, was Biden able to slow or even stop Romney’s momentum? Did Paul Ryan hurt or help the campaign? What were some of the more memorable exchanges of the evening? All of these questions are answered, in addition to a little fact-checking in this post-debate wrap-up.

Bonus Content: I have included the full 90 minute audio version of the debate at the end of this week’s program. Therefore, if you did not see the debate or simply want to hear it again, you will be able to from beginning to end once the show ends.

Enjoy the show!

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Week of: October 8 – October 15, 2012

The first Presidential Debate has come and gone, and it’s time for a little ‘post-game’ wrap-up relating to the candidates’ performance, whether there will be any change in the polls and some fact-checking.

Recently I posted an article in which I discussed the likely strategy of both candidates coming into the debate. All in all, my predictions for how Mitt Romney and President Obama would approach the debate was accurate…with the important difference that Romney over-performed, while the President drastically under-performed, resulting in a clear victory for Mitt.

However, although Romney won stylistically, my biggest issues were with the grossly negligent moderator of the debate, Jim Lehrer, and the fact that President Obama never unleashed any of the many offensive weapons against his opponent that Romney essentially handed to him on a silver platter that night and over the last few months…a decision that is still beyond my comprehension. The President played defense to a fault – opting instead to ‘stay above the fray’ – and never challenged the monumental amount of contradictory and inaccurate statements made by his opponent.

But will Romney’s performance move the needle and reverse the downward trajectory of his campaign with only 5 weeks until the election? Will the polls hold or see a shift in the all-important battleground states and with the sliver of undecided voters who remain? Traditionally the polls heading into the debates end up being the same as on election day, but was Romney’s performance strong enough to change that or will the President rise to the occasion in the 2 remaining debates?

Enjoy the show!

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