Some major Stark family shakeups happen this week on Game of Thrones, and the weekly podcast crew of Dana, Vanessa and Peter are back to discuss every little detail of Season 6, Episode 3: “Oathbreaker.”

A Quick Recap:

  • Arya Stark gets her vision back
  • Bran Stark sees his father, Eddard, in action at the Tower of Joy
  • Rickon Stark has returned…phew!…but he’s now in Ramsay’s clutches…shit!
  • Jon Snow fashions his enemies with new neckties and quits the Night’s Watch

We may have also caught a glimpse of a major plot point involving the identity of Jon Snow’s parents.

In one of the biggest moments of the episode, Bran witnesses a young Ned Stark facing off against legendary swordsman Ser Arthur Dayne, a member of the “Mad King” Aerys Targaryen’s Kingsguard, at the Tower of Joy.

According to Dayne, he was instructed by Prince Rhaegar Targaryen (Daenerys and Viserys’ older brother) to guard the tower, where Ned suspects his sister Lyanna is being held after Rhaegar kidnapped her and incited the rebellion that eventually saw the Targaryen dynasty removed from power and Robert Baratheon installed on the Iron Throne.

What relevance does this have to Jon Snow’s parentage? Feel free to fall down that rabbit hole of speculation here — but it’s discussed in detail on the podcast that after Lyanna’s death and Robert’s victory, Ned returned home to Winterfell (and his new wife Catelyn) with a bastard son, but refused to tell anyone the identity of Jon’s mother.

Want more? Tune in!

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Warning: This episode contains spoilers fortheGame of Thrones episode, “Home.”

Alright folks, you can finally unclench and relax over thefateof Jon Snow. Well, you can try to relax afterthatrepulsive and cringe-inducing scene with Ramsay Bolton andthebaby, but let’s try to process this one thing at a time.

The weekly ‘Game of Thrones’ podcastdiscussioncrew of Dana, Vanessa and Peter return this week, as wedelve into,“Home” — Episode 2 of Season 6.

A Few Things We Chatted About:

  • Welcome back, Bran. After a year off from the show – andagrowth spurt, evidently – the young psychic Stark (and John Oliver doppelgänger) returns
  • Ramsey Bolton does another horrible thing
  • Tyrion Lannister stars in, “How to TrainYourDragons
  • “What choo talkin’ bout…Hodor?”
  • Remember kids, public urination can be fatal
  • Jaime Lannister learns firsthand how creepy religiousfanaticsare
  • Castle Black takes a walk on the Wild(ling) Side
  • “The No Name Girl Formally Known as Arya Stark”

A lot happened in this week’s episode of GameofThrones, so let’s get to it!

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Warning: This episode contains spoilers for the Game of Thrones episode, “The Red Woman.”

The long-awaited season six premiere of Game of Thrones has finally arrived — and with it one pretty major deviation from the books, a shocking moment that we’re all still processing, and wefinally learn the fate of Jon Snow.

On this new weekly Stimulated Boredom podcast series, I’ll be joined by show favorites –Vanessa Gabriel and Peter – as we discuss each new Game of Thrones episode as soon as they air for the most immediate reactions and discussion.

We approach each week’s G.o.T episodes from 3 different perspectives — one from someone who has only watched the show (Dana), one who has read some of the books and spoiler-filled Wikis (Vanessa), and from one who has read all of the books and has the potential to ruineverything with their inside knowledge (Peter) — so be prepared for spoilers, however we’ll always try to be careful and take into account those listeners who, like Dana, only know the series from what the writers present on the show.

We hope that you enjoy this new weekly series, and we look forward to your comments, questions and fan theories — which you can leave in the comment section below or email the show: dana (at) stimulatedboredom (dot) com.

We’ll be addressing listener feedback on future episodes, so be sure to share your thoughts and maybe you’ll hear them on the next episode!

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Warning: This episode contains major spoilers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

On this episode of Stimulated Boredom, I’m joined by recent guest-host Peter, along with Vanessa Gabriel of Girls Gone Geek, as we dive cowl-first into what we loved, liked and disliked aboutBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, including its surprises, adherence to DC Comics continuity, how it did in establishing DC’s larger cinematic universe, some of our biggest unanswered questions, and much more.

This episode also answers:

  • What the hell was Bruce Wayne’s weird desert fever dream all about?
  • What exactly was Lex Luthor’s grand plan, anyway?
  • Should we expect the same dark tone in the other planned DC cinematic universe movies?
  • Where has Wonder Woman been since 1918?
  • Did Batman just kill a bunch of dudes?
  • What comic book easter eggs did we catch?

So, sit back and enjoy three geeks wax poetic about capes, cowls and lassos!

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Warning: This episode contains spoilers, and assumes that you’ve seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Only listen if you’ve seen the movie. To ignore this warning is a path to the Dark Side.

Episode VII We Have Seen. Much to Discuss There Is.

Peter joins me on this episode of the Stimulated Boredom podcast, as we lovingly discuss and review Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

Episode VII is finally here, as we talk about our impressions of the film, and engage in rampant speculation over the unanswered questions that many of you undoubtedly have, including:

  • Who are Rey’s parents?
  • What is Rey’s background, and who is she waiting for on Jakku?
  • Why does Luke’s lightsaber call to Rey?
  • What the hell is up with Supreme Leader Snoke, and why did Star Wars do a crossover with The Lord of the Rings?
  • Why did Ben Solo turn to the Dark Side, and will he ever resolve his grandfather issues?
  • How did Maz Kanata get hold of Luke’s lightsaber, and will she ever get Lasik eye surgery?
  • How many times did the movie make us cry?
  • Why is Kylo Ren so strong with the Force, but not so much when it comes to fighting with a glow stick?

And SO much more!

We’d also like to hear from you, including what you thought of The Force Awakens, along with any questions, comments or theories that you might have. Feel free to leave your comments below or email the show, and we’ll do a Star Wars follow up episode in which we include your feedback and impressions of the movie.

Sit back and enjoy, as two fans wax poetic about a galaxy far, far away!


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Geek Stimulated Boredom Dana Sciandra

It’s certainly been awhile since the last episode of Stimulated Boredom, but the podcast (sort of) makes its triumphant return with this 2.5 hour episode that is so chock full of geeky goodness, you’ll literally feel the atomic wedgie creeping up your butthole every minute that you listen!

On this episode of the show I’m joined by my good friend, Peter, as we wax poetic on geek culture and recap all of the nerdy things that has excited us over the last few months.

This includes everything from discussion of the new Daredevil series on Netflix, to the latest Batman V Superman trailer and upcoming movie, along with Game of Thrones Season 6 speculation, exciting Comic-Con announcements, Flash on the CW, and Ernest Cline’s latest geek tome, Armada

So sit back, relax and experience your virginity growing back. 😉

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Almost Internet Famous Stimulated Boredom Podcast 417: Almost (Internet) Famous


Vanessa Gabriel of Girls Gone Geek returns for a four-peat appearance on the show, as we discuss the ins-and-outs of creating your own successful blog, podcast and posting original content.


Having been content creators since 2005 (me) and 2009 (Vanessa), we have gleaned from and learned a lot of lessons about taking our passions and turning them into viable platforms on the Internet.


From choosing a memorable name to building an audience and promoting your content via social media, we discuss the mistakes we’ve made, our successes, failures, helpful tips & tricks and share our collected wisdom for the benefit of those seeking to do the same.


As is always the case with Vanessa’s appearances on the show, this is an entertaining, informative and organic conversation that we hope will help to stimulate your boredom, while providing some insight and advice that people can immediately apply and benefit from.

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Stimulated Boredom Microphone1 1024x706 Update: Stimulated Boredom Gets A Face Lift

Some of you may have noticed a few major changes recently. That’s because I locked myself away for a few days – and have the mason jars full of urine and poor basic hygiene to prove it – redesigning the entire Stimulated Boredom website.

The intent of the redesign was to create more of a “news magazine” feel to the site, one which would make it easier to discover content, in addition to better organizing the website as a whole.

In this brief update, I introduce some of the changes that were made.

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As discussed on the show: How's this for Jesus imagery?
As discussed on the show: How's this for Jesus imagery? 


Week of: June 17 - June 24, 2013

Resident comic book experts, Vanessa Gabriel and Erika Peterman of Girls Gone Geek, join me as we discuss and review the new, "Man of Steel"movie!

In this 2.5 hour episode we cover everything from the different comic book story arcs that were incorporated into the script, all of our feelings on the movie and Henry Cavill's bare chested Kryptonian nipples. .Be sure to follow and support Girls Gone Geek on Facebook & Twitter

As always, enjoy the show!

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Girls Gone Geek Gail Simone This Week on Stimulated Boredom

Girls Gone Geek: (L-R) Erika Peterman, Gail Simone, Vanessa Gabriel

Week of: March 18 – March 25, 2013

Vanessa Gabriel of Girls Gone Geek regales us with her latest adventure in cosplay, the thrill of meeting Gail Simone, and a discussion about the challenges that content creators face.

It’s been awhile, but the prodigal geek girl returns for another amazing discussion on comic books, cosplay and content creation. :)

With Vanessa fresh off of her trip to MegaCon (and mine to SXSW), we also finish out the show with a very interesting discussion between two content creators, including many of the challenges we faced and lessons we learned along the way while building our channels (and audience) up.

As always, enjoy the show!

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