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Apr 30, 2011

This week we have a LOT to cover, as ‘Stimulated Boredom’ is joined again by perennial listener favorite, Patrick!

Some big news to kick off the show, as we discuss the recent release of President Obama’s long-form birth certificate and whether this will finally appease and silence the ridiculous “birther” movement.

Should Obama have released it? What effect might this have on the political discourse, emerging 2012 GOP candidates and the election landscape?

And of course, no “birther” discussion would be complete without mentioning Donald Trump and his monumental ego. We spend a considerable amount of time dissecting Trump’s motives, whether he will run, recent statements (including his Tourette’s afflicted speech in Vegas…which was very “Presidential”), whether he will release his tax records as promised, his new line of attacks on the President, his uncanny ability to pull bullshit out of his ass and the people who support him.

Next, we move on to Paul Ryan’s budget and the flack GOP candidates who support it are receiving in town hall meetings at home.

Does it gut Medicare? How might support for Ryan’s budget backfire? Is giving grandma a $15k healthcare “coupon” an effective measure? Will it actually reduce the deficit? How is the tone different than the town halls meetings during the Healthcare Reform debate?

Lastly, we completely change gears and talk about the recent PSN security breach and shutdown of Sony’s servers due to hackers…which affects over 77 million users / gamers around the world. Is your information safe? What happened? What backlash is Sony experiencing? When will the PSN be back up? What precautions can you take when it does?  

The show also includes a large assortment of additional topics and discussions that you’ll just have to tune in to catch!