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May 14, 2019

It’s happening. It’s all happening. The Bells rang, and we have mixed feelings. The farewells in this episode are emotionally satisfying, we see the Hound and Arya make peace, Tyrion bids adieu to his treacherous, yet an entirely correct friend, Varys, and then Tyrion frees Jamie and they bro all the way out. It’s sweet.

Back to that bit about Varys being correct. We have the unfortunate realization that our fiery female protagonist, built over the last seven years, is turned into a one-note antagonist with unearned ease.

It’s not great. Is this really what the Song of Fire and Ice has been about? Or did they just HBO the damn thing? With only one episode left, is the last conflict going to be to take down the Mad Queen?

I must warn you; this week’s episode is also wrought with blasphemy as we had to discuss some critical plot realizations without Pete. Dana and I do our best to cope:

  • Ruining Dracarys
  • Tyrion is a clever fool
  • Varys dies in this strange land
  • The Golden who?
  • Euron got too much screen time
  • I thought the Dothraki were dead
  • One dragon is all you really need
  • Caches of wildfire
  • Cersei got lucky
  • Where’s Arya going?
  • Jon and Davos, buddy cop spin-off?
  • Does the Iron Throne still matter?

Thanks for tuning in and be sure to leave your predictions for the final episode in the comments. We’ve only got a handful of characters left. Who will live? Who will die? Which one of you nerds has this all figured out?

We look forward to reading your comments on the show!

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