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Jun 6, 2016

Warning: This podcast contains spoilers for the Game of Thrones episode, “The Broken Man.”

Well, it was bound to happen. In a fast-paced season in which we’ve enjoyed some incredibly satisfying episodes, we were given a slower and somewhat lighter episode of Game of Thronesthis week with, “The Broken Man.”

Not to say that Arya getting her stomach aerated and the Hound returning from the “dead” weren’t notable, it’s just that comparatively speaking there just wasn’t a lot of story movement this week.

We were introduced to some compelling new characters – and had one of them taken away almost as quickly as they were introduced. Jon builds an army. Cersei get’s dissed, hard, and Sansa has to ask for help from the one person she doesn’t want to.

I’m a bit under the weather this week, so I’ll leave all of the fascinating discussion of “The Broken Man” episode to the podcast, as we continue to dissect every Game of Thrones episode this season within moments of their airing, including comparison to the books, online fan theories, and our own speculation about where the season is headed.

Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to send your comments, questions or fan theories to dana (at) stimulated boredom (dot) com – or leave them in the comment section below – and we will respond to them on the next show!

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