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Jun 14, 2016

Warning: This podcast contains spoilers for the Game of Thrones episode, “No One.”

Last night’s Game of Thrones episode – entitled, “No One” – did little by way of providing many surprises, but did do a lot to delight fans.

After the awful and hate-inducing fifth season, which was spoiled by — in descending order of offensiveness — misogyny, nihilism and brooding, this season (so far) has been largely about making the show actually fun to watch again.

Go figure.

The sins of the past are not yet forgiven, but “No One” was another step in the right direction, as we see:


  • The triumphant return of Daenerys and Drogon…and in just the nick of time
  • Arya regain her name, identity an purpose
  • The Faith lose their heads…literally
  • The Hound get revenge for losing his bestie
  • Tyrion launches a new comedy troupe with Grey Worm and Missandei

Of course most of the season has been leading up to the main event, which will be next week’s episode – appropriately nicknamed “The Bastard Bowl” – in which we’ll finally see Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton face off over the fate of Winterfell.

With only 2 episodes remaining in Season 6, the weekly podcast crew of Dana, Vanessa and Peter return to wax poetic on all things Game of Thrones

Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to send your comments, questions or fan theories to dana (at) stimulated boredom (dot) com – or leave them in the comment section below – and we will respond to them on the next show!

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