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Apr 24, 2019

The Stimulated Boredom: ‘Game of Thrones Edition’ podcast crew returns this week to bask in the low lights of Winterfell’s last night before the Army of the Dead arrives. We’re short our Fearless Leader this episode – so Pete and I do our best to serenade you with minute Westerosi details and frantic what-if theories of who might get resurrected (after they definitely die).

Also discussed on A Knight in the Seven Kingdoms:

  • Dany’s Paranoia
  • Sansa’s Dress
  • The Big Woman
  • Miserable Old Shits
  • Arya’s Elevator Looks
  • Winterfell is a Racist Shithole
  • The Origin of Giantsbane
  • Sword Fights & Sword Exchanges
  • Fuck Tradition
  • Beric’s Got One Life Left
  • And More!

Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to leave your comments, questions, and predictions for the season in the comment section below for inclusion and discussion on the next episode.

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