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May 21, 2019

Game of Thrones is a fantastic journey through the multitude perspectives of its characters, and the series finale meant to resolve that journey somehow. After eight years, it’s hard to let go, and maybe it’s even painful to celebrate the resolutions that we did get shoe-horned into that 80 minutes.

However you may feel about Bran the Broken, the birth of democracy in Westeros, or the obliteration of the Iron Throne and our silver-haired Khaleesi with it, the visuals in the episode took the throne.

The series finale is beautiful. Jon passing Drogon in the ash. The red Targareyan sigil hanging on the ruin of King’s Landing. Arya and her wolf mast ship. Dany and the Drogon’s dragon wings!

We can ostensibly celebrate in its visual grandeur and crowning costume moments. We do that and explore a spectrum of thoughts and feelings about the narrative. Also, welcome regular listener and commenter to the show, Devan!

Devan and Pete make Dana and Vanessa look like n00bs while we figure out if we liked the episode or not.

  • So many charred bodies
  • That tension between Jon and Greyworm, woah
  • Arya sneaks up on Jon, again
  • Hope is the death of duty. Duty is the death of love.
  • The table shrouded in destruction, then the table is “rebuilt”/0
  • The unpolished Small Council
  • Tyrion’s face, in all of the scenes
  • Jon and Dany, they don’t get to choose
  • Awkward for Edmure
  • THE NORTH SECEDES! #sansa4eva
  • The spin-off is definitely Jon, Ghost, and Tormund
  • Guys, the Starks rule the world!

Thanks for tuning in with us for the last few seasons, we really appreciate it. It’s been a blast spending countless hours discussing every theory and listener comment, and we hope you’ll tune in for our next podcast series.

Speaking of which, what should that be? Let us know in the comments!

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