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Apr 3, 2011

In the second segment of this week's show we turn our attention to the week in news.  

Libya: Is the U.S. engaging in third conflict in the Middle East? Did Obama require Congressional approval before launching Cruise missiles into the country? What is the "mission", end-game and role of the U.S. and NATO allies in enforcing the no-fly zone? Is it possible to support the fall of Gaddafi, yet not have to commit long-term to the potential aftermath of a country without leadership and/or prolonged nation-building to fill any vacuum left by Gaddafi’s overthrow? We attempt to bring light to the events in Libya and what we view as the major issues facing U.S. involvement.

Obama’s Birth Certificate: Can we finally put this ridiculous narrative to bed? In this portion of the segment, we discuss the overwhelming evidence of Obama’s citizenship and birth in Hawaii, and why those who perpetuate this story are grasping at pathetic straws due to the lack of any other substantive or real argument about the man and his policies. We also address the issue of the GOP’s obsession with Obama’s father and his supposed “influence” on the President’s world-view.

Politics: We round out the segment with some 2012 Presidential election discussion and what we see as the issues facing the incumbent President, in addition to the issues facing the GOP and their split allegiances between the traditional conservative voters and the nonsensical rhetoric of the Tea Party. Can the GOP win by hugging the fence between “birthers” and the more moderate conservative and independent voters? Is it possible to be considered a serious candidate, while embracing the rhetoric of the far-right / Tea Party?