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Jul 26, 2012

the dark knight rises spoiler This Week on Stimulated Boredom

You Have Been Warned

Week of: Special Mid-Week Show!

Now that the eagerly anticipated, “The Dark Knight Rises” has been released, I am joined by Erika Peterman from as we review, discuss and dissect the film from beginning to end!

  • WARNING: This show contains an almost offensive amount of spoilers, therefore, if you have not seen the film…please avert your ears now. You have been warned.

In this special 3-hour program, Erika and I review every moment of the movie from a fan’s perspective. This includes touching upon story arcs from the comics used in the film, if anything took us by surprise, what we thought of the ending and whether my obsession with Batman requires medial attention.

This is not just merely a review of the movie, but rather a comprehensive discussion of every aspect of the film and how it relates to the established Batman mythos and universe. For readers of the comics, we made sure to point out easter-eggs and allusions to known storylines. For those only familiar with the films, we also point out the parts of the film that were nerdgasm inducing and why, perhaps helping to deepen your appreciation for the many layers of the movie.

Consider this show a companion piece to the movie and your own personal 3-hour collection of bonus features, long after the final credits have rolled ;)

As always, enjoy the show! |