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Jan 30, 2011

This week I am joined by guest host, Patrick. In the main segment of the show, we discuss the current situation in Egypt.

As protests erupt over the authoritarian rule of President Mubarak, we cover the reasons for the uprising, U.S. response and provide some historical context relating to Egypt's place in the region as our ally and how the protests began. We also attempt to tackle the issue of Democracy as a principle versus practice, in addition to the U.S. governments history of propping up rulers in different parts of the world that are in our best interest.

This is a complicated issue and we try our best to bring light, education and thoughtful discussion for the benefit of the listeners around the world. As Stimulated Boredom also has listeners in Egypt, we hope we were effective and accurate in our coverage of the situation.   

This segment also brings a personal connection, as Patrick is of Egyptian decent and still has family in the country that he has been unable to contact.