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Jul 24, 2011

I have avoided the (infuriating) subject long enough; therefore in this week's show I discuss everything you need to know about the current debt ceiling debate: What is the debt ceiling? How much is it and how often has it been raised? What happens if we default? What are the issues under debate and why aren't the two parties in agreement? Is China our new Daddy?

The intention of this week's show is to help listeners better understand the complexity of the issue, so I took considerable time researching and organizing the information and eventually came up with a series of questions (and answers) that I felt best addressed the debate. This also includes the different proposals being advanced (their pros, cons and chance of passage) and of course, the politics and posturing surrounding it. 

Due to the importance of the issue, this segment is almost 100% dedicated to educating, informing and providing understanding to listeners, with the intention of giving you the knowledge you need to formulate your own opinions...but it wouldn't be a Stimulated Boredom show if the discussion was not heavily laced with my own opinion (big surprise). ;)

I sincerely hope that this well-rounded discussion covers all of the aspects of the debt ceiling debate that you were hoping to learn about, if not, always feel free to write the show and I will be happy to address your questions and comments in a future program.

As always, enjoy the show!