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Dec 27, 2011

Week of: Dec 26 – Jan 2, 2012

Show Note: My apologies for the “hot” mic this week. I added some new components to my system this weekend, which adjusted (pls see: “fucked up”) my audio settings and I didn’t catch it until after we completed the recording.

I know it’s difficult to imagine (“Oh, the Humanity!”), but did you know that Stimulated Boredom used to have a permanent co-host? IT’S TRUE!

This week marks the triumphant (guest) return of Chris – aka: “Booger” – who had a short, but distinguished stint as co-host of the program back in 2005. Chris joins me on the show, as we wax poetic on everything from video games to politics. “Booger” also brings an interesting and different perspective to many of the topics normally discussed on the show and it was fun to fall back into some of the old routines & arguments. :)

As Chris so eloquently put it, “50% geek speak, 50% politics, 100% awesome…

It was great to have Chris back on the show and I think that the listeners will really enjoy our over 3.5 hour discussion, which includes some heavy “geek indulgence”…that eventually segues into a robust and thought-provoking chat about politics, the current state of government, the election and many more interesting & entertaining topics in-between.

As always, enjoy the show! |