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Feb 26, 2011

Amidst the protests in Wisconsin between Governor Walker and teacher's unions over collective bargaining rights (including salary & benefits) and the state budget deficit, I try to shed some light on the situtation, while dissecting the political ramifications of removing a union's primary form of leverage. Are unions a good thing? What would 'breaking the backs' of organized labor mean for unions and future election math? Would stripping the unions of their bargaining rights really solve the budget deficit problems in Wisconsin (or other states, for that matter)?

As someone who has never been in a union, nor worked in an industry where unions were an option, I welcome additional insight from those who have. 

Also, I discuss the 2012 Federal budget and the threat by the GOP of a government shutdown. Have we seen this tantrum before in 1995 when Republicans shut down the government only to see Clinton's ratings soar and the GOP receiving the lion's share of the blame in the public eye? Are threats like this, from either party, a constructive alternative or should there be more focus on making an effective argument before resorting to such dramatic and unnecessary tactics?

Finally, I round out the show with an update on the situation in Libya. Due to his desire to hold onto power until 'the last drop of his blood is spilled', it appears that the only solution in sight is the physical removal (and/or death of Gadhafi). Also, I delve into the ramifications of widespread protests in the Middle East and the concern that it may find its way to Saudi Arabia and the effect this might have on the U.S. (aka: foreign policy & oil imports).

Again, we return to the question: Does the United States, based upon the circumstances, support democracy in principle or in practice?