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Aug 27, 2011

Rick Perry enters the Presidential race, further diluting a weak GOP field and apparently convincing himself that the American people want another "cowboy" from Texas in the White House. I weigh his chances and explain the difference between a "primary candidate" and an "electable general election candidate"...since the people who urged Perry to run evidently never did.

This segment transitions into a wider question: Who really has a chance to beat Obama? As an independent supporter of Obama in the 2008 election, I discuss the one GOP candidate who could attract independents like me, while still securing their base. Although sound bites and criticisms are great "red meat" for primary voters, a serious candidate for President also has to appeal to a much wider audience that has grown extremely weary of partisanship and want to hear valid and substantial solutions for our problems...whether from Obama or those who wish to replace him. 

Will the GOP nominate the one candidate they have that has an even remote chance of doing this? All indications point to no. A difficult economy does offer Republicans a real opportunity to potentially win back the White House, but will it be squandered on advancing an un-electable alternative?

I discuss this and a lot more this week. But first, I selfishly indulge my love of college football, as I discuss my beloved Seminoles chances for a National Championship run and how I see them achieving it!  

As always, enjoy the show!