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Jun 5, 2011

You know those epic conversations that you have with a friend over a few glasses of <insert libation of choice here>, wherein you exchange ideas, opinions and personal stories about a particular subject? This week I invite you to be a fly on the wall during one of those chats, as the show is joined by guest host & listener favorite, Vanessa G of As is the case with all of Vanessa's appearances, the discussion is an entertaining and interesting blend of silly, sarcastic, serious and thought-provoking. :)

The topic of conversation was on the issue of consumerism and its effect on society, the environment and personal identity...a subject (remarkably) I had never really covered in over 6 years of doing the program and one that encompasses a HUGE scope of interesting issues to consider. 

The purpose of the conversation was not to come to any kind of solution or resolution - nor is it meant as a repudiation of capitalism or a consumer based society - but rather an attempt to bring awareness to how much we consume and how often people define themselves (and the perception that others have of us), by what we buy, drive, desire to own or even eat. 

The conversation transitions between such issues as marketing to children, planned & perceived obsolescence, consumer confidence (and its effect on the economy), supply & demand, "buying" a lifestyle and environmental impact. 

I know it sounds "heavy-handed", but the discussion is as accessible (and I would imagine, identical) to the same conversation you might have with friends or family. We had a blast diving into this topic and I think you will come away with a ton of opinions and information to consider for yourselves, as well as being entertained along the way. 

Finally, we round out the show on a lighter (and geekier) note with Vanessa's area of expertise and passion - comic books! For those in the "know", DC Comics announced some pretty big news that is intended to attract a whole new audience to its stable of superheroes and characters, while at the same time continue to be true to its lifelong collectors and fans. We discuss the announcement and what it will mean to the industry, along with new and old fans alike.