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Dec 17, 2011

Week of: Dec 19 – Dec 26, 2011

Disclaimer: Despite being sick and hopped up on a delicious cocktail of drugs and coffee, the show must go on! Therefore I cannot be held entirely responsible for the tangential nature of my thoughts and ramblings this week. Please voice all complaints with the Food & Drug Administration.

After nearly a decade, 800+ billion dollars spent and over 4,000 American deaths, the War in Iraq is finally coming to end. As the December 31st deadline looms for all American troops to withdraw from Iraq, I discuss the impact that the war has had on American credibility and the importance of holding publicly elected officials accountable for what they commit our men and women of the military to.

It is no secret that I strongly feel that the Iraq War was a mistake and that, of all the reasons we were given for the need to invade, not one of them turned out to be true. As a result, the rationale for continuing the conflict evolved from WMD and a connection to Al-Qaeda | 9/11…to “purple fingers,” imposed democracy and Nation building. Regardless of how you feel, the American people would have never condoned the invasion had the latter reasoning been provided. The deposing of Saddam Hussein came at the cost of American credibility, not to mention billions of dollars and thousands of lives.

This subject had been a staple of the program for years, so I wanted to discuss it now that it is finally coming to an end. Unfortunately, my cold medicine may have made me a little “unfocused,” so I appreciate your indulgence during any rambling sections. :) I also referenced my previous “Head Like A Hole” segment, which delves into considerable detail, should listeners be interested in hearing it again.

The remainder of the show (of course) revolves around developments in the Republican primaries and whether Newt Gingrich stands a chance to win the nomination, in addition to which candidates I think have a chance of being competitive in a general election. Republican members of Congress have publicly announced that they will not support Gingrich…I also discuss their reasons.

As always, enjoy the show! |