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Jun 10, 2012

"President Obama is out of touch with the average American and their economic concerns."

- Said the guy who is building a $12 Million mansion on the beach with its own custom-built car elevator.

Week of: June 11 – June 18, 2012

This week’s discussion begins with the campaign fundraising results for May – including what Romney’s superior $77 million-dollar haul could signify – in addition to the infusion of corporate money (thanks to the ‘Citizens United’ Supreme Court decision) into our political process and how new media has made running for President a billion-dollar endeavor.

Next, it’s on to President Obama and how long he can keep blaming the economy he inherited from Bush, before he needs to wholly take responsibility for it. This discussion is coupled – as it relates to GOP opposition – with the difference between, ‘rooting for failure’ for political advantage…and actually helping to cause failure for the same reason.

With Romney essentially securing the Republican nomination, I pose my own questions to the former Governor that I would like the media to ask. Essentially demanding that he back up his repeated claims of knowing how to create jobs and grow the economy…in juxtaposition and reconciling those claims with his record as Governor, in which Massachusetts was 47th in the nation in job growth under his tenure…of which, he served only 1 term because he would be unable to win re-election.

I also challenge his assertion that his time at Bain Capital should be “off-limits” in the campaign…seeing how he claims that his business experience at Bain makes him “uniquely qualified” to be President.

Lastly, I respond to listener requests to discuss the (failed) results of the Wisconsin recall election of Governor Scott Walker. This includes my opinion of organized labor unions and what the recall election result could mean in the general election.

A lot of great topics were discussed this week and I hope that it helps listeners to stay informed and to formulate their own opinions!

As always, enjoy the show! |
over twelve years ago

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback and thanks for listening :)

over twelve years ago

F'n amazing show, man! It's great to hear someone actually paying attention and thinking about the bs being spewed all around us. Love the honesty.