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Apr 30, 2011

Last week I provided you guys with the first ever episode of a new hosted music magazine podcast that I helped my friend Jon create entitled, “Listen Hear…Thank Me Later.”

As I mentioned previously, I am producing the initial episodes of Jon’s program, along with temporarily guest hosting, and wanted to send out a BIG THANK YOU to all of the ‘Stimulated Boredom’ listeners who were so welcoming of the segment!

Therefore, this week I bring you the SECOND episode of Jon’s show, as I would like to help him gain some additional exposure…and what better way than with my own amazing listeners from over 100 countries. :)

If you dig Jon’s program, I encourage you to continue to check it out on his channel, as he will begin producing and hosting it on his own over the coming weeks.

I am sure you will hear me guest hosting again in the future and I will be sure to keep you informed of those episodes. I will also keep these first 2 shows available on-demand in the archive, but beyond this week you will want to tune into his channel in order to catch any new episodes going forward.

Thanks again for being so supportive of Jon’s program and I hope that you enjoy this second show (and the awesome music) that we recorded earlier this week!

PS - This week Jon features 3 artists that begin with the letter "F"...hence the title. :)