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Jul 9, 2018

Join us for 90 minutes of exploring the ins and outs of becoming independent of cable, including the different available streaming services and devices. 

For your convenience, you can view our super simple process and service options below. Happy listening!

Step 1: Explore your Internet options with your local providers. The average household will need a 75 Mbps Internet connection to stream without interference, especially with multiple devices. Find the most cost-effective solution.

Step 2: Explore streaming services and devices. There are lots, and they all have different content offerings and user interfaces. Keep in mind your current technology ecosystem. For example, if you own Apple devices, then Apple TV will likely be the easiest transition. Whatever you choose, get your devices set-up before you cut the cord.

Step 3: BINGE WATCH IT ALL!!! There will be an adjustment to how you interact with your content and devices, but hopefully, it will be an improved experience at a lower cost.

Sling TV
Playstation Vue
YouTube TV
Hulu & Hulu Live
Amazon Prime Video & Prime Channels

Fire TV
Android TV
Chromecast & Chromecast Ultra
HD Antennas

Burger King Net Neutrality Video referenced in the episode.