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Jun 30, 2016

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In an exquisitely orchestrated series of unexpected events, we are left sated and curious. Who knew Game of Thrones could still surprise us? And even after reading fan theory upon fan theory, (sound, thorough theories) the show still managed to take us into uncharted territory while confirming the most popular GoT theory of all… R+L=J.

I think we all knew that to be true, but it certainly feels validating to see it on screen. A Song of Fire and Ice surely has more than one meaning, but the key players are Dany and Jon. Sidenote, baby Jon is just as brooding as resurrected Jon. Cute.

Jon’s parentage is an important reveal, but the true twist of the episode is the face-off at Riverrun as Arya Stark fed Walder Frey his sons, looked him square in his dispicable face, and killed him exactly how her mother was killed. And then she smiled.

I am forced to face the reality that Lady Stoneheart was a heavy-handed Red Herring that gave us her psychopath second daughter to exact the revenge we know is due. I didn’t expect it, but I am at peace with that turn of events. I have long-loved Arya, and this feels good. That does not make me any less wrong. So, you know what that means, right?

Yeah, I sing Justin Bieber on this episode because watching Firefly would have been way harder. I am sorry. Listeners of past episodes understand why this had to happen.

Beyond the giant elephants of Jon and Arya, the finale served up…

• The greatest costume Cersei has ever worn
• Scary little birds
• Wineboarding
• Confessions of a mad queen
• A library to end all libraries
• The reflecting pool at Dorne
• Unnerving passages of time
• Sansa’s impeccable evolution
• Lady Mormont is the best campaign manager EVAR

The Winds of Winter was a phenomenal episode, and gave us much to discuss. I hope you stick around for the entire show as we recap the episode, recall moments that led up to these, and conject about what’s to come. Oh, and you know we read all of your comments, too.

Now that the season is over, our magical nerd trinity wants to hear from you about what you’d like us to cover next. BUT, not before you sound off about the Winds of Winter in the comments.

Thanks for listening, talk at you soon… you beautiful nerds.


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