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Jun 18, 2011

Week of: June 20 - June 27, 2011

Don't worry, you didn't accidentally stumble into the Anti-PETA | NAMBLA Podcast, as always the title of the show will make sense once you listen to the segment. 

This week I primarily cover the Republican Debate in New Hampshire, of which was the first debate in which presumptive front-runner - Mitt Romney - attended. 

Who came out ahead? Who hurt / helped themselves? What exchanges, questions and responses stood out? Who has the best chance of being (realistically) competitive against President Obama in the 2012 Election? Was it simply an Obama-Bash-Fest or did any of the candidates actually have detailed and substantive ideas / solutions? Has anyone presented themselves as a viable alternative to Romney...and what about the attempted recruitment of Perry, Christie or Ryan and how does this discontentment with the current field affect the GOP's chances? 

I provide my opinion (as always) on all of these questions and more, as I continue to dissect the Republican field of candidates and what I foresee in the coming year's primaries. This discussion is an extension of last week's program ("Have You Seen My Wiener?"), now that the candidates have had an opportunity to "debate" their differences.

As a reminder, I will be off during next week's show (for June 27 - July 4), as I will be out of town in Dallas.

As always, enjoy the show!