I'm trying to get this week's show up before the Rapture begins, as it may be the last time that some of you ever hear my voice again. But for the rest of you, I am certain that I will be left behind to record again, so you can continue to get your boredom stimulated during the apocalypse. :)

I’m not going to lie, due to an extremely busy week and lack of sleep, I felt a little discombobulated and off my “game” this week as I discussed and recounted some of the week’s news, but hopefully it doesn’t sound that way!

Anyway, this week’s show is a combination of news, politics, updates on previous discussions and I finally round out the segment with the newest game I have been playing and my impressions of, “L.A. Noire.”

As always, thanks for listening, I hope that you enjoy the show!


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Ding Dong Bin Laden’s Dead!

Due to the astounding news of Osama bin Laden’s capture and death, I decided to record a special mid-week segment to provide a comprehensive, informative and entertaining discussion, with guest host Patrick, about the death of bin Laden, the operation that nabbed him, historical context, the politics, ideology and conspiracies surrounding the event.

This 3-hour discussion will likely be one of the more all-encompassing segments that you will hear on the subject matter, as we cover the details relating to the: News, Raid, History, Ideology, Politics and Conspiracies (in that order) of bin Laden from his earliest days, through the Soviet/Afghan war, 9/11 and the decade that followed leading up to his death.

This segment seeks to educate, inform, entertain and provide accurate context to everything surrounding the man, what we were told after 9/11, his effect on American politics and what his death will likely mean for Al Qaeda and terrorism as a tactic.

Does this mean the end of terrorism? When did his hatred of the West foment and why? What will his death do to radical Islamists? How many attacks were attributed to him? What do we do about Pakistan? Should Obama have released his photos? Why the quick burial at sea? Etc etc etc.

We also delve into the politics of the issue, in addition to many of the conspiracy theories circulating within hours of his death.

So much is covered in this special edition, that an appropriate description is hard to write to accurately cover all the bases…therefore I sincerely hope that you enjoy this discussion and come away with new knowledge, understanding, facts and opinions to consider for yourselves.  


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