I have avoided the (infuriating) subject long enough; therefore in this week's show I discuss everything you need to know about the current debt ceiling debate: What is the debt ceiling? How much is it and how often has it been raised? What happens if we default? What are the issues under debate and why aren't the two parties in agreement? Is China our new Daddy?

The intention of this week's show is to help listeners better understand the complexity of the issue, so I took considerable time researching and organizing the information and eventually came up with a series of questions (and answers) that I felt best addressed the debate. This also includes the different proposals being advanced (their pros, cons and chance of passage) and of course, the politics and posturing surrounding it. 

Due to the importance of the issue, this segment is almost 100% dedicated to educating, informing and providing understanding to listeners, with the intention of giving you the knowledge you need to formulate your own opinions...but it wouldn't be a Stimulated Boredom show if the discussion was not heavily laced with my own opinion (big surprise). ;)

I sincerely hope that this well-rounded discussion covers all of the aspects of the debt ceiling debate that you were hoping to learn about, if not, always feel free to write the show and I will be happy to address your questions and comments in a future program.

As always, enjoy the show!    


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With the final launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis (30 years after the first shuttle launch of Columbia in 1981), so ends a chapter in U.S. space exploration and travel, as the shuttle fleet is officially retired. 

This week I wanted to take some time to discuss the history of the shuttle program, from its beginnings (as an idea) in the late 60's...all the way up to it's conclusion in 2011.  

What was the program initially intended to do? What were some of the early designs? How long were the shuttles intended to last? What obstacles did NASA face in its development? And of course, what tragedies had befallen the program over the years? This discussion primarily centers on the beginnings of the program and how it got started...moving from the Mercury and Apollo capsules, to the vehicle that many of us have associated with U.S. space travel for 30 years and was the only one of its kind in the world.   

As a young boy - I was 6 at the time of the first launch - I marveled at the Space Shuttle and the possibilities that it seemed to present...igniting my interest in science, space and understanding the universe. I used to stare at the shuttle poster on my wall and build models of it; my interest never waning as it has for many over the years. 

So this week's show is dedicated to my fellow "space nerds" and the iconic shuttle fleet, as I lament its retirement and the fact that we do not currently have a new program to takes its place...yet.

Enjoy the show! 


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In this special mid-week show, I wanted to provide some much deserved exposure to the first-ever podcast from the talented ladies at Girls-Gone-Geek.com.

Listeners of Stimulated Boredom are undoubtedly familiar with the popular guest appearances of G3 co-creator, Vanessa G on the show. Her partner-in-crime, E. Peterman, was also recently a contributing writer for StimulatedBoredom.com when she reviewed, "X-Men: First Class." 

As a producer of original content myself, I have a lot of love, respect and admiration for those who are passionate about something and who take that commitment to the airwaves and/or web. I have been friends with both Vanessa and Erika for a while now, enjoy their site and thought it would be fun to give their first (and great!) attempt at a podcast some exposure to the SB listeners from around the World. In my opinion, it's about time they put one together. :) 

I recorded a brief intro for the benefit of my listeners...however, to those who are visiting StimulatedBoredom.com for the first time from the G3 website (welcome!) and you can stream or download this podcast from all of the available SB channels, as I wanted to make it easier for Erika and Vanessa to have their first show heard. Enjoy!


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Week of: July 7 - July 11, 2011 (Original Air Date - July 2008)

Due to the 'Fourth of July' holiday, I decided to bust out an older segment (with an updated intro) that I had recorded back in July of 2008, in which I did a historical discussion of the "Declaration of Independence" and the causes | reasons leading up to our desire to separate from England to form a new nation. 

I'm not sure if playing an older segment makes me extremely lazy or extremely efficient (I prefer the latter), but seeing how our history as a new nation does not change, the information and discussion is just as relevant today as it was 3 years ago...without me having to record it a second time. ;)

Also, seeing how this segment from the archives is no longer available on-demand, it will be the first time hearing it for any listeners who have discovered the show in the last few years.

So, to commemorate our Independence Day, I hope that you enjoy this robust historical discussion on the subject...enjoy the show!


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