Warning: This episode contains spoilers for the Game of Thrones episode, “The Red Woman.”

The long-awaited season six premiere of Game of Thrones has finally arrived — and with it one pretty major deviation from the books, a shocking moment that we’re all still processing, and wefinally learn the fate of Jon Snow.

On this new weekly Stimulated Boredom podcast series, I’ll be joined by show favorites –Vanessa Gabriel and Peter – as we discuss each new Game of Thrones episode as soon as they air for the most immediate reactions and discussion.

We approach each week’s G.o.T episodes from 3 different perspectives — one from someone who has only watched the show (Dana), one who has read some of the books and spoiler-filled Wikis (Vanessa), and from one who has read all of the books and has the potential to ruineverything with their inside knowledge (Peter) — so be prepared for spoilers, however we’ll always try to be careful and take into account those listeners who, like Dana, only know the series from what the writers present on the show.

We hope that you enjoy this new weekly series, and we look forward to your comments, questions and fan theories — which you can leave in the comment section below or email the show: dana (at) stimulatedboredom (dot) com.

We’ll be addressing listener feedback on future episodes, so be sure to share your thoughts and maybe you’ll hear them on the next episode!

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